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Fresh 48

A Fresh 72 Newborn photo session is typically shot within 24-72 hours of a baby’s birth. It is more than a simple documentation of a baby’s first day in the hospital. After the thrill and excitement of birth, the first 72 hours of baby’s life are a time of quiet. Distractions from the outside world fall away. An intense love and bonding grows between parents and their new little one. It can be a way to remember the beginnings of a family.

With a decade of experience, we have been offering newborn photography services and have had the privilege of photographing over 15,000 babies in hospitals. Our team comprises highly skilled and passionate newborn photographers who are extensively trained. We utilize top-notch camera equipment to ensure the best quality images. Our commitment to client satisfaction is unwavering, with a track record of on-time delivery and zero complaints.


We prioritize excellent client handling and maintain affordable pricing. Our photographers are adept at handling babies safely and with care. We provide the finest props while upholding high standards of hygiene, coupled with dedicated customer service.

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